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Immigration Law

Closely allied to the firm's criminal, expungement, employment and family law practices is the Firm's practice in all aspects of immigration law.

Timely and effective immigration advice has never been more important than it is now. The post-9/11 era has seen massive and on-going change in the federal bureaucracies that administer the law, and in the politics that affect immigration at all government levels, federal, state and local. The slightest mistake or untimely action can cause significant harm to an immigrant's prospects of staying in America, with a corresponding impact on his or her family.

Our immigration department is staffed by counsel whose dedication to immigrants and their legal problems is complete, from legal permanent residents seeking citizenship to refugees seeking political asylum at our borders. Every alien having contact with our legal system, particularly in matters involving criminal violations or prior history, employment rights, and options for achieving legal permanent residency through marriage and family sponsored immigration, owes it to him or herself to find out where they really stand and what their options are. If the government proceeds against an alien in immigration court or at the agency level, we are there to assist at every step, through hearings and administrative appeals, and in federal court if neccessary.

Matters our immigration department routinely handles include:

  • Naturalization applications
  • "Green card Applications" based on marriage or other family relationships, including immediate relative and fiancee visas
  • Consular processing of visa applications overseas
  • Temporary visas applications based on employment, student, exchnage program or visitor status
  • Permanent employment based visa and labor applications
  • Asylum claims at the administrative level and in immigration court
  • Removal proceedings in immigration court
  • Administrative appeals to either the Administrative Appeals Unit of the Board of Immigration Appeals
  • Federal Court Litigation


Our firm has a full Spanish language capability.